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The work in this gallery highlights some of the paintings, drawings and compositions I've made over the past 10 years. Some are from independent projects and some are from academic courses (specifically color theory, composition theory and mixed-media drawing).


The primary materials I've used are watercolor and gouache, largely because of their portability and their lower environmental impact. As a future teacher, I want to think and act very carefully with regards to waste and toxic products, for student health as well as broader environmental health. I am very comfortable with long-form watercolor. The first image in this gallery was done over the course of 2 months. I also often sit down and do quick gestures using aqueous media. I've worked at various scales, from several inches to six feet tall.


We used acrylic paint in the color theory course to explore how to mix color. Additionally, through my own practice of printmaking and working as a studio assistant in a professional print workshop (editioning prints for professional artists), I have extensive experience mixing ink for specific colors.

Because of two intensive courses in composition and color theory, as well as my MFA thesis project and explorations done outside of academic, I have a very strong background in 2D fundamentals. 

Finally, during my MFA courses and in the five years since I graduated, I've taken care to look at, analyze and deepen my understanding and vocabulary around art and art critique. I have a rich verbal and visual vocabulary drawn from many years of experience looking and caring about visual art.

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