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Translation Project
I thought I spoke french well, but quickly realized how much more there is to know while at a residency in France. Here are some helpful words related to printmaking I picked up from the friendly artists at Atelier Sfumato. More to come!
l'estampe - printmaking
pointe seche - drypoint
aplaner - flatten, calender
lange - felts
rouleau - roller/brayer
manche - handle
rappe - file
fanion - fan
papier carbone - carbon transfer paper
gauffrage - embossment (fun fact: "gauffre" means waffle)
vernis - ground (hard or soft)
gomme arabique - gum arabic
talc - talc
preparation - etch
citrique - citric acid
pierre ponce - snakeslip/pumice
moelleux - soft (used in reference to ink)
rateau - scraper bar
chiffon - rag
assouplir - soften (as for warming up or modifying ink)
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