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Can I even imagine the underpinnings of a more just and compassionate society? I am so conditioned by the systems I operate in and benefit from, it’s nearly impossible for me to see around them. Nature, at work all day in all ways, offers a vision of a system that isn’t defined by the extraction and oppression required by capitalism. The growth and decay of a plant follows a general pattern that can be exploited. Yet plants (and fungi, animals, rocks, trees, water, wind...) actively resist generalization. They cooperate and collaborate in a tightly-knit community that I will spend my life learning from.
Oddly, it feels presumptuous and vulnerable to express this simple desire: to participate in imagining and imaging a world of mutual flourishing.

Give Love Resist
Relate Series
Relate Series
Break of A
Rhombi F16 hand drawing
Dodeca Net
Hand Sown I
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